References extra load / River bed protection

Examples of projects for extra load / River bed protection


Protecting the harbour bottom in Hamburg

Our hydraulic construction stone mixture has been successfully used at various moorings for large container ships, such as Burchardkai, Athabaskakai and Predöhlkai for about 20 years.

Installation thickness: 0.75 – 1.00 m
Client: HPA

Extra load / securing the bed over the 1st – 3rd tunnel sections under the River Elbe

The deeper waterways in Hamburg’s Harbour have made it necessary to secure the river beds over the Elbe Tunnel.

This was performed with iron-silicate stone in 2001 as a clamped, 80 cm thick layer with bordering sheet pile walls on both sides of the lowering tunnel.

Client: Building authorities, HH
Contractor: F+Z Baugesellschaft mbH, HH
Heinrich Hirdes GmbH, HH
Scope: 56,000 t

Protecting the river bed in the Hunte for 15.5 – 16.2 km

As part of the Hunte extension, a total of 46,000 t of hydraulic construction stone mixture was applied in two construction sections in the necessary thickness to secure the ground sill.

Client: WSA Bremen
Contractor: Heinrich Hirdes GmbH, Bremen